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Hansatech CL-01, Chlorophyll Content Meter

Handheld, user-friendly Chlorophyll Content Meter

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The CL-01 Chlorophyll Content Meter provides a convenient, low-cost method of measuring the relative chlorophyll content of a leaf sample. The measurement of chlorophyll content provides an indicator of photosynthetic activity relating to the nitrogen concentration of the sample. This is particularly significant in plant growth programs where effects of the addition of nitrogen to a crop may be closely monitored.

The field-portable, hand-held device determines relative chlorophyll content using dual-wavelength optical absorbance (660nm and 940nm wavelength) measurements from leaf samples. Relative chlorophyll content is displayed in the range 0 – 2000 units.

The CL-01 features simple 2-button operation. Measurements take less than half a second and a maximum of 60 may be saved for individual review or displayed as an average. Leaf samples may be up to a maximum of 127mm wide. CL-01 is auto-calibrating and all measurements are temperature compensated to allow for changes of ambient temperature between measurements.

An internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack provides up to 75 hours of operation with a recharge time of approx. 4 hours using the 12 DC mains battery charger supplied.




  • Dimensions (LWH): 230mm x 91mm x 45mm
  • Weight: 250g
  • User Interface: 2-button keypad 2-line x 16 character LCD display
  • Electronics: 8-bit microcontroller
  • Battery: Environmentally friendly (0% lead, cadmium, mercury), lithium polymer 3.7V, 570mA/hrs
  • Battery Charger: Integral switch mode battery charger 8V – 13.5V input (nominal 12V output)
  • Battery Life: 75 hours continuous usage
  • Light Source: Dual wavelength LED (660nm and 940nm)
  • Detector: High-sensitivity silicone PIN photodiode
  • Memory: 60-measurement capacity