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Apogee SP-710-SS: Albedometer Sensor Package

Analog mV. Works with microCache

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This promotional package includes a SP-510-SS thermopile pyranometer (upward-looking), a SP-610-SS thermopile pyranometer (downward-looking), an AY-001 differential splitter, and an AW-605-SS 5 meter cable.

Apogee Instruments SP-510 and SP-610 pyranometers consist of a thermopile detector, acrylic diffuser (SP-510) or glass window (SP-610), heater, and signal processing circuitry mounted in an anodized aluminum housing. For mounting to a mast or directly to a solar panel, we recommend using either the AL-130 Albedometer mounting bracket or the AM-500 Net Radiometer mounting bracket paired with an AM-130 mounting fixture with 12" rod.

Albedo measurements indicate the broadband shortwave reflectivity of materials and are used to monitor bifacial solar panels, understand heat retention in urban and architectural settings, and study climate and weather. Typical applications for pyranometers include shortwave radiation measurement in agricultural, ecological, and hydrological weather networks.

The SP-710-SS includes in-line IP68 marine-grade stainless-steel cable connectors placed 30 cm from the sensor heads for either standard use as a long-cable pigtail sensor, or for use with our microCache Bluetooth Micro Logger. To connect both sensors to the microCache for dual measurements, use the AY-001 differential splitter.





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