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PQ-610: MicroCache and ePAR sensor with 30 cm cable

MicroCache and Quantum Light Pollution Sensor, 30cm. Cable

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This promotional package includes a SQ-610-SS Quantum Light Pollution sensor with a 30 cm cable, a microCache Bluetooth micro-logger, an AA-090 protective Neoprene Case, an extra 2545 microCache battery, and an AM-020 Apogee PVC Sensor Platform. When paired, these two devices are a powerful tool for monitoring total photon flux intensity with research-grade accuracy for optimal specimen growth. The new SQ-610 ePAR was created in 2021 to measure the newly defined 400-750 nm ePAR radiation range that emerging research is showing to be photosynthetically active beyond the traditional 400-700 nm range.  Many next generation LED fixtures, the sun, and other light sources emit these extended photosynthetic wavelengths, but they have not been measurable by traditional PAR meters until now. Much of the transformative work to define the ePAR range was conducted by Dr. Shuyang Zhen and Dr. Bruce Bugbee at Utah State University's Crop Physiology Laboratory.

The new AT-100 microCache (µCache) micro-logger is a rugged, standalone, battery-powered device that can collect over 400,000 data points and connects your sensor to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth using our free ApogeeConnect app. The app allows you to make real-time measurements, set custom datalogging intervals, monitor and graph daily lights integrals, assure photoperiods, download datasets, and more.

View Real-time Data
Transmits real-time data to iOS and Android devices using the Apogee Connect app.

Datalogging Mode
Stores over 400,000 entries, (9 months of 1-minute data) with programmable sampling and logging intervals.

Rugged Housing
IP67 rated for harsh environments.

High Resolution Readings
Processor features a 24 bit analog-to-digital converter.

Warranty and Support
The µCache is backed by a 4 year warranty and outstanding customer support.







  • Communication Protocol: Bluetooth® Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0+)
  • Bluetooth Range:~45 m (line-of-sight)
  • Data Logging Capability:
    • Averaging Interval: 1-60 minutes; Sampling Interval: ≥ 1 second
  • Data Log Capacity: Over 400,000 Entries (~9 months at a 1-minute logging interval)
  • Time Accuracy: ±30 seconds per month at 0° C ~ 70° C
  • Battery Type: 2/3 AA 3.6 Volt Lithium Battery
  • Battery Life: ~1 year w/ 10-second sampling interval and an average of 5 minutes daily connected time; ~2 years w/ 60-second sampling interval and an average of 5 minutes daily connected time
  • Operating Environment: -40 to 85 C
  • Dimensions: 66 mm length, 50 mm width, 18 mm height
  • Weight: 52 g
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Connector Type: M8
  • Bluetooth Module: BMD-340 Contains FCC ID: 2AA9B10 IC: 12208A-10
  • ADC Resolution: 24 bits
  • Warranty: 4 years against defects in materials and workmanship